Netgear Router Not Working – Resolved

By | February 22, 2018

This is a very common question asked by peoples when they are not able to access the internet through cable internet connection or through Wireless Router connection. Here we are going to talk about Netgear Router not working and how to resolve this problem.

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First of all, check and identified the problem currently you are facing with your Netgear Router. Most common symptoms which lead you to confirm that your Netgear Router not working :-

  • Not able to access the internet as it was working fine previously.
  • Unable to open any web address in internet browser with wireless connectivity or wired connectivity.

Netgear Router Not Working

Step by Step Resolution of Netgear Router Not Working Problem

For troubleshooting of your internet connection or router configuration, follow these steps to get it done in few minute :-

  • Check the Internet Cable should be connected with modem or router properly
  • If Internet LED is lit then ok if not, refer to router configuration manual for troubleshooting the light status.
  • If your are using a cable internet connection, make sure the device should be connected with router by Ethernet cable. Also check the LED light of the port should be lit. If LED light not lit, then check the Ethernet cable.
  • If all above mentioned points found Ok, Power Off the router and Power it on again

By doing all these things, you are still not able to access the internet with Netgear router, do the troubleshooting of router configuration.

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