Solved – Troubleshoot or Routerlogin.Com Errors

By | February 20, 2018

There is some many reason why you are getting error or not able to access the Netgear (configuration website) while configured newly bought Netgear Wi-Fi Router with your internet connection. More then 50% error comes due to browser cache or IP address issues which not allow us to access the page. Do these simple steps to get it configured by yourself.


Troubleshooting Steps to access

Enter Correct Web Address & User Name/Password – First of all check the URL or web address which you have entered in browser and ensure it should be written correctly. Type or web address in your browser and enter user and password of router ( default user name : admin / Password : password ). – refer below attached image. IP locater

Clear Your Browser Cache – If you still getting error while accessing or not able to open the web address in your browser, first clear the cache memory of your browser then try to access the web address for router configuration. You can try below mentioned mentioned steps to find the way to clear your browser caches :-

  • For Google Chrome – Click on More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > All Time > Clear Data
  • For Internet Explorer – Tools > Internet option > Browsing History > Delete > Select All > Click on Delete
  • Mozilla – Click on Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Cached Web Content > Clear Now

Use IP address Instead of Web Address – Another solution to access the configuration page, use your router IP address instead of using web address. To find the router ip address, look into the backside of router – see below attached image –

If still you are able to access the configuration page of Netgear router, do these steps :-

  • Check the connectivity with router and PC/Laptop
  • Check the power cycle of router and connected device
  • Disconnect all other internet or VPN connection and try to connect with Netgear router.
  • If all above mentioned not works with you, Do factory reset of your Netgear router

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